• Microbiology
  • The Hands-On Science Series
  • Blair H. Lee, MS
  • Print ISBN 978-1-947473-09-6
  • Ebook ISBN 978-1-947473-10-2

Sample Videos from Microbiology

These 8 videos were chosen to give you an idea of the scope and variability of the 48 videos in the course. A team of us chose them, and not all of the favorites made it into this sample. In the e-book version (available 9/1/2022) of this book, the videos are integrated directly into the course. In that way, they can be viewed as an extension of the written material in order to highlight and emphasize what is being studied. In the print version (available 10/1/2022) the videos can be viewed through a library housed on the website SEAPublishing.com.

Microbiology is a 12-chapter science course written for middle-grade learners, 4th – 7th grade. This is important and relevant science everyone should learn. Microbiology takes an integrated approach to science, weaving important and relevant topics in biology, immunology, genetics, ecology, health, and chemistry throughout for an immersive learning experience focused on microbial biology. The course meets important Next Generation Science Standards and incorporates many of the Common Core Standards for math and language arts.

Microbiology uses a multimodal approach for delivering content. There are curated videos, color photographs, and illustrations integrated into every chapter. Hands-on modeling and questions are also incorporated within each chapter to support reinforcement of essential concepts. In addition, there are 48 animated videos that were developed for this course, designed to highlight important science topics. Each chapter includes labs and activities that were written to support and scaffold around the concepts in the course.

Microbiology incorporates writing, math, and history into the text. Using short-answer questions and scaffolded writing assignments, this course helps learners develop writing skills, and to read and think analytically. The goal is to give students an understanding of the content and structure that should be included in science writing. Art and design are also incorporated into Microbiology as students are encouraged to get creative while staying true to the principles of science.

This course comes with an Appendix in PDF form. 


The 12-chapter course is divided into 5 units:
Unit 1: Basic Biology
Chapter 1: Introduction: What is a Microbe?
Chapter 2: Basic Genetics
Chapter 3: The Immune System
Unit 2: Bacteria and Archaea: We Are the Prokaryotes!
Chapter 4: The Basic Biology of Bacteria
Chapter 5: The Good and the Bad of Bacteria
Unit 3: Viruses
Chapter 6: Basic Virology
Chapter 7: Virology: Infection, Immunity, and You
Unit 4: Microbes Make History
Chapter 8: Harnessing the Power of Microbes: Synthetic Biology
Chapter 9: Pandemics Make History
Unit 5: Eukaryotic Microbes
Chapter 10: Microbial Fungi
Chapter 11: Algae: Mighty, Mighty Microbes
Chapter 12: Protozoans

PDF Appendices

All materials in the appendix are included with the purchase of the Student Text.

  1. How to Use this Course
  2. Materials List
  3. Answer Key
  4. Chapter-by-Chapter explanation of where the course meets Academic Standards
  5. Templates, Maps, Poster, & Bonus Content
  6. Problem Sets
  7. Glossary
  8. Footnotes, Photo Credits, & Video Credits
  9. All Consumable Pages
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