The Science of Climate Change

  • The Science of Climate Change
  • A Hands-On Course
  • Blair H. Lee, MS
  • Print ISBN 978-1-947473-00-3
  • Ebook ISBN 978-1-947473-01-0
  • Page Count 92
The Science of Climate Change uses text and eighteen hands-on activities to explain and teach the science of global warming and climate change, how humans are responsible, and what can be done to slow or stop the rate of global warming and climate change.

The course is thorough, covering fundamental topics needed to understand the science of climate change. Some of these topics you might not considered before. Topics like this one: Greenhouse gas molecules are in air at a low concentration, but does that mean that there aren’t very many of them? It all depends how many gas molecules are in a volume of air. It turns out there are so many molecules in a small volume of air that even a low concentration of greenhouse gas molecules is a huge number.

The Science of Climate Change is geared toward a range of age levels.

To make sure that the materials are accessible for all students in that age range this graphing activity has two versions. One set of graphs is a dot-to-dot activity for younger learners, where much of the graphing work has been done, and the real work is answering the questions at the end of the activity. There is also a version for older learners who use the information from a data table and to plot data points on the graphs.

The activities in The Science of Climate Change include hands-on labs, coloring, graphing, scientific modeling, and even a field trip.

This coloring activity looks at the difference between the amounts of products that can be made from materials that are not recycled materials versus recycled materials using the same amount of energy. Recycling is one of the simple steps people can take to shrink their carbon footprint.

The data for The Science of Climate Change was obtained from credible science sources: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (N.O.A.A.) Earth Systems Laboratory (ESL) National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (N.R.E.L.).

  • “The Science of Climate Change: A Hands-On Course is an incredible resource for students and their teachers to learn about what causes climate change and what we can do in our everyday lives to solve this problem.”  National Science Teachers Association
  1. “With good science, an engaging format, and activities to make abstract concepts tangible.”  Alexandria Sommers, Environmental Chemist and Science Educator
  2. “The Science of Climate Change: A Hands-On Course is unique in is its ability to grab children’s attention while teaching the real science behind the current environmental crisis. The science taught in this book is immediately understandable and directly applicable for children living at this pivotal time in the world’s environment.”  Kate Johnson, Pandia Press
  3. “Lee believes scientific understanding is developed through a careful pairing of information with an application of that information. Lee provides her readers with a sense of hope and purpose by sharing pragmatic strategies we can all use to help minimize our carbon footprints. As moms and dads everywhere put forth their best efforts to raise a new generation of responsible global citizens, they are fortunate to have resources such as The Science of Climate Change: A Hands-On Course to support them in their efforts.” home|school|life magazine
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